Your Weekly National Security Links


You know how everyone says the US is too politicized right now?  Well, that’ll happen when a rogue geopolitical enemy launches a satellite over the biggest cultural event in the US.  Between killing his military chief and demonstrating the ability to launch an ICBM on San Francisco, Kim Jong Un had almost as good a week as Donald Trump, and that’s bad news for the rest of us.  Since one Kim Jong Un is more than enough, it’s kinda troubling that Pakistan might become China’s next North Korean-like proxy.

The silver lining?  Pakistan-China isn’t as bad as the Iran-Russia relationship. Yet. For one thing, neither Pakistan nor China are doing this.  Meanwhile, there’s more and more concern that Putin’s actions in the Middle East are going to cause WWIII.  And when even the New York Times agrees, it’s time to start wearing your cup.

In other news…

The IC is very worried about the South China Sea

But then, the DNI’s got a lot of trouble on his mind

So, is this really the best time for an NSA shakeup?

Oh, and we said #BringBackOurGirls, not #BringBackABunchofPsychoBitches

Stay safe and remember, after reading this email, you know more about foreign policy than Bernie Sanders.  And hey, at least there’s a God.  Or, if there isn’t, at least there’s this.

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